Bethesda Historical Society

January 23, 2024 - Bethesda's 153rd birthday!

Bethesda Meeting House April 18, 2023

The  sign is about 18-20 feet long.

It is deteriorating and needs significant restoration.

The “B” in Bethesda is half eroded away.

With gentle handling, it can survive removal. It is not crumbling.

The back door to the Church was open. I closed it when I left.

Inside, the place was filled with debris and looked vandalized.

There may be historical artifacts somewhere here. On the wall in the back is a painting of the Church. And there are lateral file cabinets, locked.

Graffiti on the HVAC.

The side door to the parsonage was closed, but unlocked. Inside was more debris thrown around. I didn’t go in.  

Painting of Church in back room.

Inside the Parsonage.

Inside the Parsonage. 

Inside the Parsonage.

Inside the Parsonage, top floor.