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January 23, 2024 - Bethesda's 153rd birthday!

Edgemoor Club

It has been said that the history of the Edgemoor Club is practically the history of the top level of tennis in the Washington, DC area. From its modest beginnings in 1920 through the present day the Edgemoor Club has served both as a neighborhood swim and tennis club for residents of the Edgemoor and nearby communities and as a leading tennis club, drawing top-level players from all over the metropolitan area.

Before 1920, the visionary developer, Walter E. Tuckerman, purchased a large farm, subdivided it and reserved the central block for a sports center for the residents of the new community called Edgemoor. By 1920 Mr. Tuckerman had built two tennis courts in an open field and sold the whole block to the residents while holding the mortgage for most of the purchase money. The idea of getting an old street car for a clubhouse was abandoned, but, for that first year, residents built a small grandstand and a sturdy framework over which was stretched a shade awning. The Club initiation fee was $25 and annual dues were $15.

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