Bethesda Historical Society

Norwood School

Norwood School was founded in 1952 as a parish primary school at St. John’s Church in Bethesda, with 40 students in grades K-2 and four teachers, under the direction of Frances Brandis Marsh.

Despite running the School out of four different locations with limited facilities during the first 19 years, Mrs. Marsh always created a happy and nurturing school home where children thrived and where parents played many important roles in the community. In fact, it was through the vision, will, and generosity of a group of parents and supporters that Norwood moved to its current home at the corner of River Road and Bradley Boulevard in 1972, providing ample space for growth.

A nonsectarian school today of approximately 450 students, supported by 115 faculty and staff members, it now serves students from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade.

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